Commercial Quilting Service, Preparation and Price Guide.

We offer a Commercial Quilting Service in store. We use a Handiquilter Infinity machine with Pro-Stitcher. You can choose from a range of designs, we have samples in store.  We have a large range of quality quilting threads, batting and wide backs in store, or you can bring your own - so long as they are good quality. 

Waiting times vary, currently it will take about ten days ,possibly less to complete your quilt. Please confirm this when you book your quilt in. We are happy for you to post your quilt to us, just make sure we understand what you are after.

Call us on 3245 5303 for more information or drop in and talk to us


  • Take extra care when attaching your borders. They should be flat not wavy. If they are wavy there will be puckers in the fabric when we quilt it. It’s too late to fix this once quilting has started.
  • Trim all loose threads, dark threads can show through lighter fabrics. Remove all extra items – like pins. Square up your quilt top. Press well, both top and backing.
  • Measure your quilt:  Width  ____  inches     x    Length           inches
  • We recommend you wash your backing fabric as it may shrink.
  • Ensure your wadding and backing fabric are larger than your quilt top by at least 5” (10cm) on all sides. So 10” wider and 10” longer. Do NOT pin or baste the layers together. Fold them separately.
  • If there is a top and bottom or left and right to your quilt attach a note with a safety pin so we know this.
  • Make sure you have good quality wadding and backing fabric. We do not quilt with inferior wadding. Please check with us if you are not sure. Alternatively, we do sell good quality wadding for excellent prices.
  • We reserve the right to say “no”.
  • Approximately 2-3 weeks till completion.

Price Guide

Our prices do not include thread, wadding or backing fabric, although we are happy to supply them.

There is a minimum charge of $100

Quilt Size

Square Inches

Light Density

Medium Density




per Sq inch


per Sq inch

Cot - 30” x 60”

(75cm x 150cm)




Lap - 59” x 59”

(150cm x 150cm)




Single Bed - 63” x 87”

(160cm x 220cm)




Double Bed - 78” x 87”

(200cm x 220cm)




Queen Bed - 84” x 92”

(210cm x 235cm)




King Bed - 92” x 100”

(235cm x 250cm)