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Limited Stock of Quilt Expression 720 Sewing Machine - open box stock

Limited Stock of Quilt Expression 720 Sewing Machine - open box stock

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Quilt Expression 720 Sewing Machine

This is an ‘open box’ machine. The box has been opened and the machine displayed at a show. Full warranty still applies. 

The quilt expression 720 is elegant functionality delivered with poise and decision. This robust and artfully sophisticated machine is perfect for quilters at all skill levels.



Building on the features of the expression 710, this luxury quilting machine includes twice the decorative stitches and allows you to create your own stitches from scratch.

PFAFF’s quilt expression 720 is a step up from the previous model and is designed for quilting perfection. Offering exclusive stitch techniques such as floating, ribbon, and stacking stitches, it also has a stitch creator feature giving you unlimited options to express your creativity.

Ideal for experienced quilters, this sewing machine features a patchwork program that remembers the seam length, allowing you to perform repetitive functions easily.

With 428 built-in decorative stitches, 4 fonts, side motion sewing, and a colour touch screen, you can see stitches at their actual size and get all the sewing information you need right on the screen.

Like many PFAFF sewing machines, the quilt expression 720 features Integrated Dual Feed (IDT), giving you perfect seams on all fabrics, precise positioning of patterns, stripes, and plaids, and uniform topstitching, even on bulky pieces such as quilts.

The quilt expression 720 sewing machine provides a smooth, even, and professional finish - every time.

Included Accessories:

Presser Feet:

Standard presser foot 0A with IDT, Fancy stitch foot 1A with IDT, Fancy stitch foot 2A, Blindhem foot 3 with IDT, Zipper foot 4 with IDT, Sensormatic buttonhole foot 5A, Manual buttonhole foot 5M, Sensormatic free-motion foot 6A, Maxi stitch foot 8, 1/4" Piecing Foot

Other Accessories:

Straight stitch plate, Electronic knee-lift, Hard cover.

Top Features:

  • Colour Touch Screen See stitches in their true size and get all the sewing information you need directly on the Colour Touch Screen.
  • Large Sewing Space With nearly 250mm to the right of the needle, it is the perfect choice for quilters, home decor sewist and fashionistas.
  • The Original IDT System Precise feeding of all types of fabric from the top and bottom for perfect stitching every time.
  • Exclusive Stitch Techniques Experience world class and unique stitch techniques which include: Floating stitches, Triple, Double and Single Ribbon stitches and Stacking Stitches.
  • Exclusive Stitch Creator Feature Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.

Sewing Features:

  • creative signature Sewing Programs
    • Tapering on all 9mm Decorative Stitches at the beginning and/or end of any stitch in many different angles.
    • Stitch positioning for easy alignment of decorative stitching
    • Mirror Image of stitches both side to side and/or end to end
    • Patchwork Program to remember seam length for both utility and decorative stitches
    • Stitch Density altering without affecting stitch length
    • Twin Needle Program to automatically adjust stitch width to prevent needle breakages.
  • Automatic Self-Adjusting Thread Tension Best tension is set automatically for all sewing techniques and fabrics.
  • Over 400 Stitches Including a wide variety of 9mm stitches and maxi stitches up to 52mm
  • 3 Free Motion modes
  • Automatic Presser Foot lift To instantly raise presser foot when the needle is set to stop in the down position.
  • Sensormatic Buttonholes For perfectly balanced one-step buttonholes in 10 different styles.
  • 37 Needle Positons For exact placement of your straight stitch.
  • 4 Built-in Sewing Fonts Including both upper and lower case letters for easy programming.
  • Quick Help System Simply touch the icon for instant information.
  • Extra Presser Foot Lift Raises the presser foot to its highest point while dropping the feed teeth so thick fabrics can be placed easily under the presser foot.
  • Needle Up/Down Set the needle to stop in the up position or in the down position, for pivoting, applique and more.
  • Thread Snips Automatically cut the top and bottom threads pulling the thread ends to the back side of the fabric.
  • Start/Stop Button Allows you to sew without the use of the foot control.
  • Stitch Restart Return to the beginning of a stitch sequence without having to reset any special adjustments you've made.
  • Immediate Tie-Off When selected the machine will tie-off and stop automatically for a quick and easy finish.

Machine Features:

  • Straight Stitch Plate and Sensor Machine sensor alerts you if any stitch other than a straight stitch is selected.
  • Personal Menu Save up to 30 of your personal stitches and sequences in a folder to sew them again whenever you wish.
  • Stitch Sequencing Combine and save up to 99 stitches and/or letters.
  • Built-In Needle Threader Makes threading easy and reduces eye strain.
  • LED Illuminated Workspace Designed to give even light across the entire work area. See fabric and stitches in true colour and with less shadows.
  • Bobbin Thread Sensor Alerts you when bobbin thread is low.
  • Electronic Knee-Lift Allows you to keep your hands on the project and still raise the presser foot.
  • Speed Slider Adjust the sewing speed with the speed slider for full control.
  • Jam Proof Rotary Hook
  • Bobbin Winding from the Needle Time saving and convenient bobbin winding.
  • Updateable Download the latest program version from the internet and update quickly with a USB stick.
  • Stylus Holder Built-in Keeps your stylus at your fingertips.
  • Softcover protect your sewing machine when transporting it. It is dust free storage for your machine.
  • Inch/cm Ruler on the Base Plate Convenient measuring directly on your sewing machine.

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