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Mega Flatbed Insert for Horn Tables

Mega Flatbed Insert for Horn Tables

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"Once you sew with an insert in place, you'll never want to sew without one ever again!"

  • Horn flatbed inserts are cut to the exact shape of the specific brand and model of your sewing machines.
  • When you lower the lifter and platform to the flatbed position you can place this insert into the machine cavity, filling in the gap for a completely flat working surface that's level with your needle position. 
  • Rather than having to lift and drag your heavy and/or large fabrics over the free arm of your sewing machine, the insert makes it so much easier to sew with no restrictions, giving you a near smooth surface creating more even stitches.
  • It also ensures no material or accessories fall between the machine and the lifter platform.
  • Made from a durable clear acrylic plastic.


  • 33 x 61cm
  • This insert is required to fit new recessed top cut out. SOVEREIGN, NULLARBOR, KENSINGTON, OUTBACK, HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE AND FOLDAWAY CABINETS

    Please talk to us to specify your sewing machine make and model 

    Whilst we can make custom made inserts for almost all sewing machines, there are some models for which inserts are not available.

    Orders can take 4-6 weeks depending on machine make and model.

    Note: Images used are for illustrative purposes only. 

    Product code: FHI.HIME

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